Linda Baker Freepons

Sep 19, 2021 | 1 comment

Sue Taylor, as she was known in 1982, was the first friend I met after moving to Sunnyside, WA. We were both bureau reporters working for competing newspapers (but covering different beats) and lived in adjacent rental houses. Initially, our friendship was rooted in the fact that we were young, single professional women in a small, rural Eastern Washington town. We soon discovered common interests that led to a 40-year friendship broken only by her sudden death. Over the years we shared many life experiences, including road trips, marriages, medical issues, relationship and career changes, motherhood, the deaths of family and friends, and countless cups of hot tea. Sue was always the more progressive one in our friendship – the first to move from Sunnyside, the first to marry, and the first to leave journalism. It was amazing to watch her blossom in the male-dominated tech world. I was so proud of her accomplishments (even though I really didn’t – and still don’t – understand routers and such). Life gets busy, especially when kids come along, and our friendship evolved to longer phone conversations and fewer in-person visits. I was grateful to be her matron of honor when Sue married Fearghas, just as she was mine when I married Tom in 1986. Sue was always there for me, and I miss her terribly. I have this irrational desire to call her cell, even though I realize she won’t answer. Rest well, my friend. I love you, and look forward to seeing you again someday.

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  1. Laurie Dunham Kroes

    Linda, what a beautiful photograph of Sue and lovely story of friendship.


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