Rene, Claudia and Phibie Lou Fichtmueller

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I’ve known Susan from conference-presentations up to a certain day X.

It was one day in April 2018 when Fearghas invited me to Boston to talk to me about Flexoptix. A trip with a stop-over via Reykjavík and a connection to Boston.

Fearghas, I’ve known a few days longer and also knew about the wedding in 2017. And I know from stories how great it was. And this wedding showed me that both must be soul mates. Soul mates who get along straight away, appreciate each other and, above all, love each other.

When I arrived in Boston, I already knew Fearghas personally, but I didn’t know Susan yet and from the first meeting I was overwhelmed. I did not expect such an open and friendly person… you always know the statement from Europeans:

“Americans Are Superficial”

But this does not apply to anyone I have been able to get to know in my life. And certainly not for Susan. She is clearly a personality, a person of respect… a woman in a male-dominated industry.
Arrived quickly at home with Susan and Fearghas … one thing was clear … my house is your house and my family is your family.

During my visit, we went to the gym every day and had a wonderful time together which I remember fondly. But not only these days in Boston are memorable for me. Everything that came after that, every single trip she was on. It was always very familiar when we met or saw each other. Over the years Susan and Fearghas have become my second parents.

Fearghas, the dad who always has to take care of his children (me and our Flexoptix Colleagues):
“Children behave!“

Susan, who always had a brisk saying and a smile but also a laugh on her face … the woman who is a role model for many other women in our industry.
For me, Susan and Fearghas are and has always been the symbol of a relationship. They could rely on each other and were soul mates, one knew what the other wanted to say. And that’s what I always loved about Susan.

Susan was never arrogant or hypocritical. She was always on a par with all of us. For many colleagues in our industry, she was not just a good friend, no, she was a strong mentor for many colleagues. She was happy to support and help without asking for anything in return and you could always rely on her. She was always like a second mother to me.
When I remember how happy she was for us (me and my wife) when our daughter Phibie was born. Susan was obviously a very emotional person and that was always one of her advantages, so she was always a person, she was a mother!

I’m really sorry. And I could cry all day I will miss Susan very much. I’ll miss the laughter … I’ll miss the “and how is Claudi” conversations in which I kept Susan updated on my family.
In August I wanted to go to Boston and Washington and that didn’t work out because of the entry requirements for the USA. And that’s exactly what hurts the heart. I would have loved to be there to pay my last respects and to be able to stand by Papa Fearghas.

Susan, rest in peace!

Thank you for everything I was able to learn from you.

Thank you for every second that we were allowed to spend together.

We will all miss you very much!


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